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Branding Print


  • Date: May 17, 2018

  • Skills: Graphic Design, Editorial, Branding

  • Client: STARTPLATZ

  • Tags:

    cologne, corporate design, germany, graphic design, startup


The Company

STARTPLATZ is a start-up incubator and accelerator with locations in Cologne and DĂŒsseldorf and a meeting point for the Rhenish start-up scene. It was founded in 2012 by the managing directors of Familie GrĂ€f Holding GmbH, Dr. Lorenz and Matthias GrĂ€f.

In Cologne‘s Mediapark and in DĂŒsseldorf‘s Medienhafen it offers startups a space to grow, consulting, workshops, events and a large network.

For their own communications the company decided to rework their own business products to professionalize their outer appeal to investors and possible startup interested persons.

The Job

Let's start up the game


Rework of the business products like business cards, letterheads, promotional and event products like
rollups , flyers, posters, presentation templates


The employees of STARTPLATZ should be able to create their own products through explanations and an understandable manual


The main logo should stay the same while other parts of the brand were allowed to be modified.

The Colors

The colors of STARTPLATZ were adjusted and enhanced by two new colors that bring it together to the idea of the nature of the Rhineland where the company has its roots. There they say „Dat wasser von Kölle is jot“ which translates to „The water of cologne is good“.


Brand Color






The Source Sans Pro replaces the previously used high-cut house font of „Startplatz“. Due to its rock-solid style it provides the foundation for startups and their exciting new ideas. During the development phase of the project, this font, together with the distinctive font of the logo, resulted in a harmonious balance. The sharp strokes of the font create a tension to the straight lines of the logo font and the formal language of the visual language under consideration.

The Products

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