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New Work Week

The business week for the insurance sector

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New Work Week

The New Work Week is an annual week for the human resources and technology sector. In times of digitalisation of the society corporations as well as their employees have to adapt and are faced with new challenges.

Topics as Work-Life-Balance and international remotely working teams are examples of this huge subject. The week takes place in Dusseldorf and shows in several interactive events what the work of tomorrow could look like.

Therefore several products were created. A corporate design that is modern, clean and friendly incorporating the spirit of the new work lifestyle. Incorporated with that a modern responsive website, flyer, roll-ups and other print-products were created.


I created the brands logo and website appearance as well as print products

  • Date

    April 20, 2017

  • Skills

    Illustration, Branding, HTML, CSS, Wordpress

  • Client

    Startplatz K├Âln

  • Tags

    dusseldorf, future of work, new work, responsive, startup

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