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Dentist Office Dr. Tunjan

Branding Web

Dentist Office Dr. Tunjan

The Dentist Office Tunjan in Berlin-Marzahn wanted a new branding as well as a fitting modern website for their customers. The family business exists now for more than 30 years and offers the whole spectrum of dentistry. Therefore a professional and understandable layout was used, that represents the brand as moderate and precise. Since they got many middle-aged customers who are also regulars of the dental office attention has been paid to making the website modern but not playful.


Screendesign, Front-End Development, Corporate Design

  • Date

    February 18, 2019

  • Skills

    Webdesign, Wordpress, CSS, HTML, JS

  • Client

    Dentist Office Dr. Tunjan

  • Tags

    berlin, dentist, graphics, responsive, web

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