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AMBRØ – Autonomous machine for ear protection

Interaction Product

AMBRØ – Autonomous machine for ear protection

What’s the problem?

One can get triggered a lot by words. Insults, loud argumentation, and noises or just the non-sense of everyday politics. The idea was to take filters of the internet and apply them in the real world.

On this assumption, the users of the product would be easily triggerable persons or just those who like their world filtered for a calm piece of mind.


The project was realized inside a university project in the course of 5 weeks.

The method

In this project, we tried to find solutions for everyday problems. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we had to find solutions inside our own spaces. The research methodology was based on self-ethnography and fast pre- and prototyping.

Doing user research on our own behavior helped to understand how interactions can be broken down into smaller pieces. After presenting proposals the interactions had to be built and put into a physical form. First in creating small videos to explain the basic interaction we made it easier to understand how and if such interaction might function and explain a short narrative to make it understandable for the viewer.

The Solution

The outcome of my project was “AMBRØ” an automated headphone apparatus that would seal one’s ears from the outer surroundings. The trigger of this automation is outer stress. Loud noises, insults, or specific words and phrases might trigger it.


Creating an absurd automation for an everyday thing

  • Date

    January 15, 2021

  • Skills

    Interaction Design, C#, Prototyping, Arduino

  • Client

    Köln International School Of Design

  • Tags

    ai, headphone, loud, machine-learning, sound, trigger

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