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Praxis am Klinikum

Branding Print

Praxis am Klinikum

The doctor’s office “Praxis am Klinikum” in Velbert near D├╝sseldorf needed a new corporate design. I created a modern and streamlined design. The logomark was changed from an overloaded logo to a reduced and legible mark that can be used in every medium possible and conveys a professional presentation for the office. The website was created in collaboration with docport GmbH.



Create corporate design and promotional products

  • Date

    October 15, 2020

  • Skills

    Corporate Design, Logodesign, Print, Web Design

  • Client

    Praxis am Klinikum

  • Tags

    branding, doctor, medical, velbert

  • Products:

    Business Cards, Logo, Business Cards, Posters

  • Partners:

    docport GmbH

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